Interior design trends in Mallorca - Bringing the island into your home

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On an island with an average of 360 days of sun in a year, it is no wonder that most of the time is spent outdoor. Whether with sea view, mountain view or golf view, the inside and outside of our residences tend to blend and the general trend in interior design has been going towards bringing the outdoor's elements inside.

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Large glass surfaces, huge sliding doors that make the distinction between inside and outside almost disappear, generous terraces that blend the inside and outside of our living space. The use of natural stone, wood or wood-like structures, transparent elements and furnitures, all transform your living room, bedroom or bathroom into an extension of the outdoor. The island comes into your home.


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In Mallorca, the typical mediterranean style is characterized by sunny colors (yellow, orange), going to tones of red and burgundy or strong contrasts of blue and white. In the last few years,  the tendency in the interior design of the villas and apartments is to aim for modern spaces, in neuter, calm colors. These trends are timeless and can be employed in any home to instantly revitalize a tired room into an exciting new space.

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Tones of beige, gray, light blues and the purest white, natural stone (whether as floor elements, walls or sanitary elements), glass (floor to ceiling windows, transparent glass balustrades, furniture) , wood (whether as furniture or decorative items) - all aim at transforming the interior of our homes into an elongation of Mallorca's outdoors.

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