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Entrepreneur by profession with over 20 years of global experience in founding and leading businesses in the Real Estate, Finance and Hospitality sector. A rare entrepreneurial professional with personal experience of several complete business cycles. Expertise in creating and directing highly effective strategies and their execution. He combines personal entrepreneurial experience and invaluable international commercial skills, guided by a clear vision and a passion for creating value.

He speaks fluent German, English, Polish and well Spanish.

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Managing Director

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With a Master Degree in Business Administration and background in the hotel industry and event organisation, Andreea has previously owned a real estate agency specialised in residential and commercial locations.

Within the Group she is responsible for the Financial Management and Organization.

She speaks fluent English, Spanish, German, French, Romanian and Italian.




Managing Director & Head of Architecture

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Having studied at the FA UTL in Lisbon, and made a professional stage in Barcelona, Marco is an award winning architect who has developed several different kinds of projects in all the project phases and work direction, including interior design for the retail sector, housing, new developments and renovations and project management of hotel refurbishment in countries like Germany, Portugal, Spain and France. Entered and won many architectural competitions for projects like The Parachute Pavilion in Coney Island, New York and the Orkoien Civic Centre in Navarra, Spain.

He was also a project architect for several projects in a German architectural company for two and half years where he had the opportunity to lead a big historical building restoration project, as well as other significant projects for new buildings.

Personal interests include the Japanese culture, cinema and travelling.

Natively bilingual in Spanish and Portuguese, he is also fluent in German, English, French and Catalan




Marketing Manager

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Horia is an architectural photographer and marketing specialist, who has spent his last 10 years working for his own company in London photographing many hotels, restaurants and residential buildings whilst providing marketing solutions for the real estate industry.

Highly creative, a perfectionist and passionate about his work, he believes enough is never enough and all things are only considered complete when the absoulte best is the end result.

He has a strong passion for cars, having worked and owned his own repair shop, enjoys jazz, cigars, whiskey and tennis.

Horia speaks fluent English, Spanish and Romanian.



Architecture & Design Management

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After graduating in Architecture in Lisbon from the Faculdade de Arquitectura UTL, Vera has worked in Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Her experience comes from the development of residential projects, architectural competitions and interior design in clothing and restaurant brands, as well from contacting with different approaches to architecture in general. Her last work was in a German architectural firm (WSA), taking part in one winning competition, some residential projects as well as two projects in the Healthcare sector.

She considers to be important to have other interests to make the most of her creative side. Vera has a passion for singing and dancing




Management Assistant

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Viktoria has graduated the faculty of Economy in Moscow, and later collected her administrative experience in different sectors in Germany and Spain. Her passion for different types of art determined her to discover modern architecture and develop new experience in the design sector. Her ability as an assistant to architects and the management enables her to support the projects in an indispensable way, furthermore with direct interaction with clients.

Part of her passions are discovering new countries and cultures and collecting new experiences. She speaks fluent Russian, German, Spanish and English.




Management Administration

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Ainoa came to the island from the mainland in 2017 with a background in the administrative field of 21 years of experience. She has started in the telecommunications sector, then she has decided to change to the service sector, after the sports sector, and finally in the design sector. Ainoa has worked for the last six year as head of administration, accounting and logistic for a production house on an international level.

A native of Valencia, she speaks Spanish and English. Some of her hobbies include reading and sakting.