Impress your guests: Tips for Beautiful Guest Rooms

We are fortunate to live on a beautiful island, with wonderful sandy beaches and amazing places worth a visit.This also means that our homes are, in the summertime, host to many friends and family members.

There are few greater pleasures in life than to stay at the home of a friend or family member who has a thoughtfully appointed guest bedroom. It's like having the luxury of a good hotel with the personal service of a tiny country inn.

Here are a few tips to create a guest room that will have your loved ones lining up for reservations.

An assortment of books

 One of the most enjoyable pastimes when visiting someone else's   home is rummaging through their book collection.Whether you have a  full wall of shelving or a slender cabinet or case, stock it with a variety of reading material that appeals to all tastes.

A folding luggage stand

This hotel-inspired touch saves guests from having to squat all the way to the floor to rifle through their suitcases.


Piles of pillows

Some like them flat, some like them fluffy. Some prefer down, while others sneeze at the mere thought. Keep an assortment of pillows on hand to satisfy guests' individual tastes.


A well-outfitted nightstand

Place bedtime comforts within easy reach: a carafe for water, a tray or bowl to corral earrings and watches,a lamp that's easy to switch on and off.

Fresh flowers

Few elements broadcast a warm welcome in the way that flowers do. Keep the arrangement simple — stick a few cut blooms from your garden or the market in a pitcher or jug, or choose one standout blossom for a bud vase. Just try to avoid flowers with overpowering scents that can lead to headaches.

Robes and slippers

Whether you put them in the spare bath or hang them from a hook in the bedroom, these little extras make guests feel pampered. You can also include a basket of toiletries and niceties in case of forgotten items: mini toothpaste, an extra toothbrush etc.

Horia Mainescu